I'm very passionate about giving back to our various communities, our youth, and helping to facilitate their events & programs!

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Upon returning home, moving to Canada, and struggling to get through my PTSD & depression, music became my lifeline, along with my wife. I eventually began seeing someone for help with my PTSD, and in due time, we began using music in our sessions, as I would share things that I was practicing, writing, or songs that were helping to get me through particular times. Eventually, this led to the start of the Semi-Annual Coffee House put on by the Napanee Lennox & Addington Community Mental Health & Addictions (CMHA) services. The first show was a fun success which paved a new road to my current and ongoing destiny! I played a song called Ocean, by John Butler, on a 12-string acoustic guitar, which led me to meeting Les, who became a good friend, collaborating musician, and eventually helped me in forming Delirium Trigger! Check out the song & performance that started it all! 

I'd like to share with you my most recent collaboration.

showing  the world and our ​communities, that it is ​not money that truly makes the world go 'round, but rather, simply, us! We,the people& communities, that make up this world, are what make the world go 'round! Money is merely the egotistical middle man between us, whom has to try desperately to make everyone believe that he is needed by his business dealers, yet always hides both sides from each other for obvious reasons; once his business dealers could meet directly, without having to go through him, they would realize and be aware that he is not needed & an unnecessary hefty cost, and hindrance. Likewise, Money is obsolete and no longer needed, and is indeed, our 2nd largest hindrance of our peoples' & world's progress, (Possibly 1st, debatably speaking), and instead is parasitically stifling progress that would otherwise be able to be made, and oppressing those who can't or refuse to get it, manipulate it, and/or manipulate & exploit other people with it. 

​As such, and knowing this, I try to be the change I want to see in the world by providing my services on a by donation basis, or free, especially to those of low income, or in need. Do you remember being a creative child, and that natural wisdom that came with our excitement and eager desire to share our creations with others or to provide a helping hand to others, not for a cost, but because it made us happy to, because we simply wanted to, or because we wanted to help someone who needed it?! That is not because we were silly, "uneducated," blissfully unaware & ignorant children, yet to "realize the way of the real world;" It is because that is our natural instinct as humans and beings of life and Love! Do you know of any other animals, of the bazillions there are, that use a monetary system or pay taxes? No! They all work together, "for free," and create communities that mutually help each other & benefit from each others' collective creative contributions and productivity!

I started playing guitar somewhere around 22 or so years ago, and even then, and being a very ignorant musician, I still had a desire to help other struggling guitarists, if I happened to know something that I could pass on to them to help. That desire to help others in every way I could, never wavered, when the pressures of adulthood and money came into the mix. Shortly after graduating high school and getting a few jobs, I joined the military under the pretense that I would be able to manifest one of the greatest ways to help people, serve my constitution, country, and citizens, and help protect others. Granted, in many ways, I do not feel as though that is what happened; instead I feel I became a pawn in part of the problem. Regardless, I took the positive of what I had learned in my near decade time in the military, and continued to try to find ways to pave a truer and more just path. 

Music had been torn from me, in many ways, while serving in the military. Don't get me wrong, I still played guitar occasionally, and even managed to get a guitar as well as my wife sending me a guitar to Iraq on multiple deployments. Having a guitar during those hard times was a godsend, and truly helped me maintain some semblance of sanity, Love, and perserverance, in the wake of so much insanity, death, & destruction. Music was the harmonic and reverberating wrapping that encapsulated me and helped keep my spirit & soul bound together. But even throughout all that time, I unfortunately didn't really learn anything new, or progress, aside from writing a few songs for myself, and eventually having a small band near the end of my military career; I pretty much still just played the same old stuff from that pinnacle point  at 16 that I plateaued, basically playing the same Metallica songs or other similar styled covers. 


For the past 20 years, and through the endurance of watching our world through my empathetic eyes, I've refined my techniques,  musicianship, beliefs, & approach while taking it upon myself to try to help in 

I can say humbly and without ego that I'm not your average musician. I'm a self-taught musician, starting with guitar, and ultimately branching out to any and every instrument I can get my hands on, including piano, bass, drums, glockenspiel, Harmonica, and more. Music was growing on me while I, myself, was still growing in my mother's womb, whilst she placed headphones on her belly; music was certainly my first language. As a child growing up, and listening to all the music I could digest, I was smitten and in love with the mystery of what made music the magnificent masterpieces that they were, and in the cusp of even my earliest years, a passion and insatiable hunger was born.  I purchased my first guitar for the hefty  first timer's price of $10 at a garage sale in Ohio during a family visit with my Papa, (He would also help me get my first electric guitar a few years later when I ended up living with him, as well!). That fateful day spawned the addiction that has carried my life across the troughs of depression & despair; through the green grasses of glee & blissful joy; and has burst in it's ultimate culmination of Love & my zest for helping others. 

By 16, I felt that I had reached a peak and plateau of what I would refer to as my "golden" days. By this ripe old age, I could play nearly any Metallica song that could be named, and I felt I had finally reached the pinnacle of my capabilities of trying to be a great guitarist, (and had a kick ass Kirk Hammet KH-2 ESP Replica to boot, joint gifted to me by my lifelong best friend, Jennifer). But I admittedly could not read music, avoided scales like the most intimidating of plagues, and music theory was for the prim, proper elite whom could afford the luxuries of being spoon-fed ancient divine knowledge... even if they weren't interested, not for the poor self-taught rockers with no formal education... or so I innocently yet ignorantly believed. 

​More coming soon!
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I'm proud to announce my partnership with the Kingston Pride Committee!

In what started as merely helping a friend, as well as attending an event for myself and my own well-being, healing, & growth, little did I know that it would, indeed, catapult me into manifesting my dream of starting my own multi-faceted, multi-service music business, that had been simmering in my heart as simply dreams of imagination for years! Thank you for your interest in the services I provide and why I do what I do, and thank you for supporting me in the same ways I enjoy supporting you!

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