​Special Thanks & Props goes out to all of the business, corporations, and entrepreneurs out there that are trying to provide free services and products to people, trying to make a difference in the world, and being that change that they want to see in the world!

My Wife, Alika: Thank you for always being there for me, supporting me and nuturing me and my dreams, no matter what, (Even at times when you probably shouldn't...). Thank you for showing me what true Love is, and continuing to prove and show me how it always prevails! And lastly, thank you for making all kinds of music & kick ass covers of songs with me, and performing with me to rock the world!

My Mum: Thank you for being the first to always be there for me, support me, and nurture my interests, hobbies, and dreams. No matter how realistic, or far fetched, you believed in me and that there was a way. You supported my crazy guitar playing back when it sounded like a child playing death metal with a dying cat for an instrument, and playing until my fingers bled; you never got frustrated, upset, or told me to stop, but rather encouraged me to continue practicing, learning, and to never give up on my dreams!

My Papa: You were the best father figure I ever had. There is a gentleness and kindness about your soul coupled with a strong, stern, disciplined character. You helped me grow into a disciplined, respectable young person, and you were the one who provided the means to get into music and shape my destiny. You helped me get my first 2 guitars and amp, to actually begin learning how to play guitar and music. I can't thank you enough for your contributions to my life, especially playing all those oldies and western records and 8-tracks back in the day!

My Grandma: Even though you may not have had a big musical influence on my life, aside from our playing of old records and listening to music together, you were the most beautiful and purest soul I had ever met or known. To this day, I hold noone in higher regards than I do you. You taught me so much with your kindness, authenticity, Love, and purity. You are the closest thing to a living angel that I've ever been able to compare. You taught me so much about truth, Love, being authentic, and the things that truly matter in life. I know that without you, I would never have turned out to be the person I am today. I miss you more than can be conveyed and more than anyone I've ever lost. I wish we could have had more time together.

Nancy & Rob, TFK, Jackie, Daryl, the Kingston Pride Committee: Thank you for being such an integral part of my growth and experience, believing in me to get the job done, even when I, myself, sometimes didn't; and thank you for continuing to support me and retain my services and working together as a team to make great, affordable events for our communities!

Portsmouth Harbour: Thanks for supporting our events, and providing a safe place for us to do so! Your staff is fantabulous!

GoDaddy.com: For hosting my webpage and having an easy to use interface, (Usually....).

Youtube.com: For providing an immense video database and ability for the average person to be able to create, host, and share videos with the world.

FreeWebHeaders.com: For providing web design banners, headers, and other web design art for free use!

WebWeaver.nu: For providing web design banners and clip art for free use!

Canva.com: For providing free customizable web design banners, gift cards, and more!

Cooltext.com: For providing some of the coolest text formats and logos for free use!


I would like to dedicate this page to thanking, giving credit to, and expressing my gratitude to all of those whom have helped make this website and my work possible, and whom have supported me through my efforts in whatever ways, big or small, personal or business. 

Thanks again to everyone,
for everything; I wouldn't be here right now or have  come this far with everything, without you!
You've helped pave the path for which I can walk,
You've helped give me strength, persistence, & confidence, in my work, abilities, and potential capability in what I can do for others, even if it's not something I've necessarily done before!