"It's been an honor to have been a part of and supported so many wonderful charities, fundraisers, and ideas to help bring awareness to many topics that deserve much needed attention, respect, and resolutions!"

"We're Runnin' Out of Time!" 
Original by Delirium Trigger
One of our first debuting originals which we are still in the process of fully recording; this song is about humanity's dire need to awaken and change our ways before it is too late, (if it's not already).

"Devil's Got a Gun" by Whitehorse
A jivey folk favvey that we thoroughly enjoyed making a live recording of and will soon be expanding on!

2nd self-produced album:

This was our 2nd produced album which consisted of a collection of live practice recordings of songs that we were practicing in a collaboration with Nancy & the Plaids, forming something of a "super-group" called "Collaboration Station" consisting of 7 musicians. This album was produced in direct support of Epidermolysis Bullosa: "The Skin Disease Noone Knows About" and our campaign called "Fundraiser for a Cure!" in which we promoted the album to bring awareness and support to the skin condition, of which, our keyboardist has. 100% of all profits raised are to be donated to the EB Partnership Program to help provide funding to scientists, and help bring awareness among the medical community as well, in hopes of developing a cure. Scientists are now in clinical trials with nearly a 50/50% success rate in reversing the symptoms! It has been an absolute humbling pleasure to be even the smallest part of such an enormous breakthrough in human history!

"Someone Like You" ​byAdele
This is one of our most well-received and highest praised songs, by the ever emotional evoker, Adele!

  • Someone Like You5:04

  • We're Runnin' Out of Time5:35

  • Devil's Got a Gun4:14

In 2013 I created a music group/band, called Delirium Trigger, influenced by one of our most favorite influencial bands, Coheed & Cambria. Little did I know what awaited me in the future under this entity, and the great, positive, life changing implications they would have to others as well as myself. As Delirium Trigger, I, my wife Alika, and good friend, Les, have put on a number of performances and supporting appearances for our community, always for free or by donation if someone insisted to pay us anyways. These events and acts include, (but are not limited to): 
Kingston Pride, The Lennox & Addington Mental Health & Addictions Semi-Annual Coffee House, Al-A-Palooza, The Sharbot Lake Variety Show,  The Sunshine Foundation, community charity yard sales/auctions, as well as random/miscellaneous awareness campaigns put on by ourselves, such as the ones we have done to raise awareness for the skin disease, E.B. (Epidermolysis Bullosa), Transgender rights & awareness, Gender Equality, and more!

Please feel free to check out our band-page, songs, and music videos at
www.ReverbNation.com/DeliriumTrigger2013 if you are interested, and spread the word to those you know if you like our music or what we are about!
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"Escape from Hell-View" ​by CKY
Me and our past drummer, Oli, practicing a hella fun heavy CKY tune using pitch shifter and octaver fx!

  • Escape from Hellview3:46

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