• Taking Chances2:24

  • A Soft Place to Land feat. Collaboration Station4:03

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"You Are So Beautiful" ​by Joe Cocker
     Covered by Blair Meecham

Blair requested my recording services to capture him singing "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker, to a karaoke-like backtrack.

​Album artwork created by Blair, himself.

This is just the first rough draft of this video, as there is more that I would like to do to it; however, it was being extremely temperamental, and I just wanted to hurry up and get at least something out to those that deserve it! (Mistakes have been corrected as well)

  • You Are So Beautiful2:32

  • Someone Like You5:04

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"Someone Like You" ​by Adele
     Covered by Delirium Trigger

This is one of our most well-received and highest praised songs, by the ever emotional evoker, Adele!

"A Soft Place to Land" ​by Cathleen Edwards
     Covered by Collaboration Station

Collaboration Station was collaboration effort of Delirium Trigger & The Auburn Mystery of Sharbot Lake. The songs practiced were eventually played for Al-A-Palooza, the 4th Semi-Annual CMHA Coffee House, and the Live Practice Sessions Album created for the "Fundraiser for a Cure: E.B." Campaign.