Unparalleled musicianship and soul...

"We set up the event and made a few decorations... the rest was all you... you're energy, zaniness, and charisma is what made this such an amazing night!"

- Jacqueline LaRonde - Co-Chair of Kingston Pride
 Summer Halloween Dance 2016

Awesome sound system!

"I had a lot of fun DJing on your sound system! It was one of the best sounding systems I've ever DJ'd on!"                      - DJ Seb - 

Dark but Emotionally Moving...

"Your song could seriously open a very dark and atmospheric album, to which I would probably have multiple eargasms!"

- Jeremy Owen  - Random listener/critic

Again, you are a genious...

"OMG!!!!!! I can't believe how this C.D. turned out. The order is perfect as well as your magical editing professional skills....in short, I am thrilled!" 

​- Blair Meecham - Recording & Album production request


Music Lessons/Teaching - Lessons are available for any instrument, and are custom-oriented to each individuals goals. Whether you just want to learn how to play a song, or want to dive into the heart of music theory, I have the knowledge, understanding, and experience to provide personalized, custom, modern lessons with a more down to earth and easy to understand approach than typical music teachers.

Musicianship - Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Beat Programming, Glockenspiel, Keyboard/Synths, Harmonica, and more...

Mobile Recording Services - Recording (studio, performances, practices, etc), Mixing & Mastering, album development & production, and more...)

Sound Engineer Tech - PA system services and sound tech services on existing systems, ensuring a high quality sound & result for performances, shows, and events. I am always listening, alert, and ready to make adjustments on the fly for the best quality audio experience for the listeners.

DJ, Karaoke,  & Party Functions - DJing services for any genre of music and event. Karaoke capabilities are present, however, require either an internet connection, or provided copy of the tracks desired, or at the very least, a little bit of time for me to be able to get them for you. 

Event Coordinating - Although I certainly don't profess to be an event coordinator expert by any means, I've had some experience and have helped put on several events and shows, including our own.

Computer Skills - Highly skilled Computer tech and Network administrator, Microsoft Certified; adaptable & versatile to help in nearly any technical situation.

Webpage Design - Assistance in starting up webpages, hosting webpages, or general instruction on my webpage design approach.

Makeovers - Various skills at makeovers for people wanting to indulge in trying out new styles, or simply wanting to bring out a little extra self-confidence.

Holistic Natural Healing, Personal Development, & True Self Awareness & Authentication - Helping people heal, meditate, find their true selves, or indulge in activities that allow people to fully express their true selves, using natural methods that I have learned throughout the years. From Music Therapy, Massage Therapy, & Reiki, to Mindful and Transcendental Meditation, and from healing ourselves via natural food selections, natural oils & remedies and willpower via meditation/prayer, and getting out in nature, to playing an instrument as an outlet, etc. 

​Being me! - Helping, playing, practicing, performing, learning, teaching, sharing,   songwriting/composing, arranging, recording, producing, Loving!


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